USI Tech Review

There are a lot of speculations about USI Tech. When some people feel that it is the right company to invest, others find it a scam. If you have any doubt about this company such as what it is, what is the reason for such claims, and why you should invest in this company, then you are in the right place. The following USI Tech review will focus on all the relevant factors to help you to take the right decision with a well-informed mind.

I recently mentioned USI Tech in this post so wanted to do a follow up post to share more details on the company.

USI Tech review

In the review, you will get the details of the company, product, and the compensation plan. All these data will be given after a thorough research and it will be impartial as well. You can trust every word of this review.

What exactly it is?

If you have visited the company website, you might have realized that there is not much information about the owner of the company. In fact, you will not find any detail regarding the owner. Even if you visit the About Us page, there will not be any information about the company, owner, and leaders. You will find some formal information that does not include the authorities. After a proper research, it became clear that the people behind this company are Ralf Gold, Horst Jicha, and Joao Severino.

Is there any product?

No, you will not find any product offered by this company. USI Tech does not offer any service or product. But it offers many opportunities to earn from affiliate membership.

If you are interested in this company and want to make money from this business, then you will have to consider the affiliate membership. This is what the company offers to the buyers. In the initial days, the company was involved with the Forex Auto-trading. Though the company claimed that it offers a huge to earn, still it could not succeed to impress the buyers and did not live for a long time. Then it decided to enter the bitcoin industry.

How does it work?

You will have to be an affiliate member of this company to start with as mentioned earlier. You need to basically invest €50 EUR worth of bitcoin to receive 1% ROI on a daily basis for 140 days. That will add up to 140%. You will come to know the details of the earning possibilities from the compensation plan.

What is the compensation plan?

The compensation plan has remained same since the time of existence. According to the plan, when you sponsor someone, you will be placed in the 3×12 matrix compensation plan structure. This plan is meant to hold up to 797, 160 that will be filled by the affiliate members directly and indirectly. The commission will mostly depend on the investment made by your members.

The compensation plan is based on the uni-level structure and that will go up to twelve levels. It will help you to earn commission from the recruits. When you start investing, the commission will be ten percent from the direct recruits and you will get three percent commission from the people they recruit. It will come in the following three levels

• Ten percent for the Level 1.

• Three percent for Levels 2 to Level 8.

• One percent for Levels 9 to 12.

In the starting days, there was Broker Commissions bonus that does not exist anymore.

The twenty-five percent of the brokerage fee was charged to be paid to the recruiting affiliate. The rest seventy-five percent will be split into twelve payments and that will be paid through the 3×12 matrix.

For signing up this website, you will have to pay €600 EUR membership fee. It will be onetime payment. With this payment, he will be liable to access the Forex Trading Software. Besides, it will enable you to recruit other people to earn money from the matrix system. It is optional. If you want, you can choose this option to earn more.

Final verdict

It might be a good option if you are ready for an investment. You will be rewarded with a commission from every direct and indirect investment. The company does have any other income source than depending on the investment of the affiliate membership. When the number of the affiliates will be reduced, the company might struggle to survive. But it also offers the earning possibilities. If you will be able to recruit more members, then you will certainly be able to earn money. You need to act smart to recruit members.


Another alternative is to just invest direct in cryptocurrencies. You can use websites like GDAX and Coinbase to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and this could be a better more stable way to earn.